The Listening Studio was the name of an audio shop, long shuttered, that was the brain child of my friend and mentor Clark Johnson. An Iowan by birth, Bostonian by choice, Harvard grad, scientist by trade: He researched holography in its early years, then worked on projects such as the Apollo Moon Mapper, the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory, the now de-classiified Corona Project, and the Viking Mars Lander camera.

An extraordinary intellect with a captivating sense of humor and a keen interest for exploring the nooks and crannies that live in the domain that lies between Theory and Practice, he was always one to throw himself in harm's way when it comes to experimenting with tweaks and gizmos ... and he sometimes struck paydirt. 

The Listening Studio

His notion was simply this: if we have recording studios, shouldn't we have listening studios?

It was semantic philosophizing, not an entreaty for reproducing the acoustics of the recording studio in the home. We should consider the listening environment, wherever it may be, as soberly as we consider the recording environment.

Clark left this domain for the next on April 8, 2020. His obituary is saved HERE

In tribute to my friend, I have adopted the name of his Bostonian audio salon and created a space whereby we can gather to enjoy great music reproduced in beauty ... and maybe have a few beers together, too.

Clark liked beer :-)