August 20, 2022: Kind Of Blue : The UHQR Experience

THE Essential Jazz Record, THE Best Reissue!


$5.00 per person



About this experience

So much can be said about Kind Of Blue, but little MORE can be said that hasn't been already. It is the most popular Jazz record of all time by a large margin, and by some accounts also the most important. KoB is the standard Modal Jazz record, not because it was the first, but because it was Miles Davis. Some of the history of Modal Jazz will be discussed briefly, but we're chiefly gathered to just simply experience Miles Davis and his legendary crew of Jazz Monsters:

  • John Coltrane

  • Cannonball Adderly

  • Jimmy Cobb

  • Wynton Kelly

  • Bill Evans

  • Paul Chambers

We'll be listening in the Stereolab Listening Studio, using the Reference system:

  • Stereolab Corazón Louspeakers

  • Concert Fidelity ZL200FX amplifiers

  • Concert Fidellity CF080LSX4 Preamplifier

  • Fern&Roby Tredegar turntable

  • EAR Phono Classic Phono preamp

  • Sculpture A A.4 Silver Coil MC cartridge

  • Sculpture A MiniNano Silver Step-Up Transformer

  • Graceline Level 3 / Mezame wires and cables

Saturday, August 20:

  • Session 1: 1pm to 3pm

  • Session 2: 5pm to 7pm

Only 14 spaces are available per session! Please reserve your spot soon!